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Tips for friends

Tips for friends

Apparently notepad also save a lot of tips and tricks, one of whichis to do this one trick, the trick is functioning to activate theCapsLock key on the keyboard .. for readers who like fun - funngerjain want to trick his friend is very suitable for use ..

readers a very simple way just by using notepad only you can makeyou dizzy seven friends around because in addition to activate itcontinuously CapsLock this trick can also lock the activities youperform troubleshooting mouse.jika this twice, then the process ofthese tips will run 2 x folding than ever .. for those of you who want to try these tips it is very easy way just follow the steps I have typebelow.
Following steps:
1. Open Notepad and type, then type the following script

2. script you should write:
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "(Capslock)"

3. after that Save the file with the format "Caps.VBS"
4. completed
Now you just copy the files that you have typed earlier and put itdikomputer your friends .. tips are also very suitable for those of you who frequent chatingan live through your YM distribute this file to your chat friends. If you want to see the results of the script that you have typed before, you just double-click the file. And see the results ... .. hahhahahha sure you can laugh yourself ..

Note: Do not worry when you try this trick crazy notepad. If you want to end this script you can end it by opening Task Manager (Ctrl +Alt + Delete). On the menu you are looking for the file marked "wscript.exe" after the meet on the "wscript" was off the process by clicking end process. if not then get ready to restart your computer..
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