Selasa, 20 September 2011

Nasi Kucing / Me call "Kucingan" (should not be changed in english)

"Nasi Kucing" that had long been in Indonesia

Because I live in central java reasonable that I usually see the "Warung Angringan" on the street

Warung Angringan used to sell Nasi Kucing

Including Nasi Kucing is cheap
we just need money Rp.5000 to get 1 serving of Nasi Kucing and side dishes  + 1 drink

But usually I just ordered a glass of milk ginger.

Because I did not have much money, it's known I have not worked so I had to live frugally hehehe. Prices of Nasi Kucing is  the price that is suitable for students

OK, now back to topic
In this famous store, we call "warung angringan" it so there are different kinds of side dishes are available, ranging from skin satay, satay intestine toother types of fried foods like fried rolade, fried tempeh, etc.

I think Nasi Kucing that ekomomis
Despite rising fuel prices, price of Nasi Kucing will not rise

Yes it's a bit of "Nasi kucing and Warung Angkringan"

Hopefully Helpful
Ow yes this little photo shop that sells rice cat angringan
sorry the pictures I took from Google

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