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Trojan How it Works

Trojans get into the computer via the two parts, the client and the victim server.When unnoticed running computer, the attacker will

use the client to connect to the server and start using the Trojan.
Trojans can work well on the type of protocol TCP / IP, but someTrojans can also use the UDP protocol properly, when the serverstarts running, the Trojan generally try to hide somewhere in thecomputer system, then start "listening" in some ports to performconnection, modify the registry, or using other methods ie withautostarting method. The important thing is known by the attackerknows the victim IP addresses to connect computers to the victim'scomputer.

Many variants of the Trojan has the ability to send the victim's IP address to the attacker, eg ICQ or IRC.Hal media was used onvictims who have a dynamic IP address, which means every time they connect to the internet to get a different IP address. For userswho make use of Asymmetric Digital Suscriber Line (ADSL),always use a fixed IP address (static) so easily identified and easy to connect to the computer attackers.

     Most of the Trojans use the method auto-starting, yaituTrojan willautomatically komptuer active when first turned on. Although thecomputer is turned off and then turned on again, Trojanmampuworking again and the attacker can regain access to a victim'scomputer.

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