Selasa, 27 September 2011

Google Celebrates 13th Anniversary Year

Well now I will discuss google

Just as his birthday hehehe ......

Google's 13th Birthday

Of the many logos that appear Doodle Google or interesting in the big search engines, today Google officially replaced with the atmosphere of a birthday.
The reason is, Google today has reached the age of 13 years to coincide with the 27th of September.

Travel for 13 years ago, has led Google to a technology site / web by launching a search engine of the most visited by Netter worldwide.

Google Inc.., Is one of the company founded by two academics at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who earned the nickname "Google Guys".

Google was first established as a private company on September 4, 1998, and did lauching the public (IPO) on August 19, 2004.

Various historical records about Google has been growing rapidly, Google is taking the slogan "Do not be evil" is really football exploits have been predicting for 13 years.

One of them, Google has had more than one million servers as data centers located around the world, and has served one billion search queries, and about twenty four petabytes of data generated using each day.

Google launched a significant growth has triggered the chain of products, acquisitions, and partnerships outside the company's core web engine search.

Many new things are now offered by Google other than search engines, such as Gmail email services, and sharing social networks, including Google's Orkut and the presence of Buzz and Google +.

Google also penetrated on the desktop, with a variety of applications like Google Chrome web browser, Picasa photo organization and editing software, and applications for the Google Talk instant messaging.

Regarding ranking, Alexa was released as the Internet sites most frequently visited in the world in general. No other words, happy congratulations Google!

Happy Birthday Google!

Kamis, 22 September 2011

The Cause of Your Keyboard is Not Detected

Now I will discuss about the cause of your keyboard is not detected

Yes the keyboard is a bit definitions:

The keyboard is a board that consists of buttons to type a sentence and other special symbols on the keys on the keyboard computer.Number of
 there are 104 key.Keyboard have in common form and function with a typewriter

The function keyboard is as one of the computer input devices

Uh, before I continue the storythere is little experience from me regarding the damage to the keyboard

Yesterday my keyboard is broken, can only typed up the letter "asd"

ouch ....I'm frustrated by weight, a task unfinished. Yes I am forced to use On-Screen Keyboard.
Humb ... yes too long writing life on-screen keyboard but that's what's important task is complete.

The next day the task is not collected, in my heart "Stand up to defend've hardly slept in was not collected, at least I've been working on". I asked my friend about my keyboard.

My friend said "try to check whether the keyboard cable is installed is correct, if still not detected you I mean keyboard problem, try changing your keyboard, if it has been replaced but the problem persists then it is most likely damaged in the keyboard port on your motherboard, If it has a new keyboard replaced but still not detected also try to replace it with a usb keyboard and if not detected also means there is something wrong in the Windows system. "

So basically if you have problems try to check the keyboard:

-Is your keyboard is plugged in correctly

-Try to buy a new keyboard

-If it has been replaced but the problem persists then it is most likely damaged in the keyboard port on the motherboard

-If it's in a New Keyboard Replace remain undetected but Also Try to Replace the Keyboard USB

-And if not detected also means there is something wrong in the Windows system Buddies
Well it's a bit about the keyboard

Ow yes almost forgot, the end of the story above is giving me a new keyboard, and I am happy to go back to typing with fingers


Hopefully Helpful

Selasa, 20 September 2011

Nasi Kucing / Me call "Kucingan" (should not be changed in english)

"Nasi Kucing" that had long been in Indonesia

Because I live in central java reasonable that I usually see the "Warung Angringan" on the street

Warung Angringan used to sell Nasi Kucing

Including Nasi Kucing is cheap
we just need money Rp.5000 to get 1 serving of Nasi Kucing and side dishes  + 1 drink

But usually I just ordered a glass of milk ginger.

Because I did not have much money, it's known I have not worked so I had to live frugally hehehe. Prices of Nasi Kucing is  the price that is suitable for students

OK, now back to topic
In this famous store, we call "warung angringan" it so there are different kinds of side dishes are available, ranging from skin satay, satay intestine toother types of fried foods like fried rolade, fried tempeh, etc.

I think Nasi Kucing that ekomomis
Despite rising fuel prices, price of Nasi Kucing will not rise

Yes it's a bit of "Nasi kucing and Warung Angkringan"

Hopefully Helpful
Ow yes this little photo shop that sells rice cat angringan
sorry the pictures I took from Google

Minggu, 18 September 2011

How to record the appearance of the bios or windows installprocess

There may be among friends who often see the display picturebios, safe mode, the installation process, the process of loading windows, there are some friends who asked about how to capture,or record sreenshot view. If you've logged into windows, then display on the screen can be recorded using printscreen command, but what about the view before logging into Windows,the bios display, and the process of installing windows.

There are several software that can be used, one of which is Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, I have installed this software on windows 7 (runs well), but have not tried in Windows XP.

For the record display or display windows install process DOS, first open the windows and then open the application Microsoft VirtualPC, will open a window (window) the new Virtual PC, click the Start button or Run Virtual PC and then during the boot process in the Virtual PC will then press the delete button page appears bios, setboot from CD, insert the CD (eg CD Windows boot CD, etc.) that can boot to the CD-Drive, then while booting in Virtual PC hit enter, it will appear as when you are installing the software.

For the record, you simply press the printscreen button on your keyboard.
Examples of the view that I recorded using Microsoft Virtual PCcan be found here
record (screenshots) display dos

Make friends who want to try, the trial software can be found atindowebster or microsoft site.

There are several requirements for Microsoft's Virtual PC softwareto function on a computer, ie processor must support Virtualization Technology, if using an Intel processor can be seen here captionIntel Virtualization Technology, if you make use of AMD processorscan be seen testimony in AMD Virtualization Technology

Sabtu, 17 September 2011

What is regisrty

Registry is a collection of data windows used to set the course of the windows operating system. To make changes to windows using the program regedit. The trick RUN then type regedit. It will be seen six root keys that work:
1. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT handle all types of files in the windows and save the software settings
2. HKEY_USER handle all user information which is active as well as handle the settings control panel on windows operating system
3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER handle one active user information on windows operating system.
4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE contains information about the hardware used on that computer.
5. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG to record the configuration of existing systems.
6. HKEY_DYN_DATA to determine the level of performance of a system and in the network.



Rabu, 07 September 2011

Tips for friends

Tips for friends

Apparently notepad also save a lot of tips and tricks, one of whichis to do this one trick, the trick is functioning to activate theCapsLock key on the keyboard .. for readers who like fun - funngerjain want to trick his friend is very suitable for use ..

readers a very simple way just by using notepad only you can makeyou dizzy seven friends around because in addition to activate itcontinuously CapsLock this trick can also lock the activities youperform troubleshooting mouse.jika this twice, then the process ofthese tips will run 2 x folding than ever .. for those of you who want to try these tips it is very easy way just follow the steps I have typebelow.
Following steps:
1. Open Notepad and type, then type the following script

2. script you should write:
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "(Capslock)"

3. after that Save the file with the format "Caps.VBS"
4. completed
Now you just copy the files that you have typed earlier and put itdikomputer your friends .. tips are also very suitable for those of you who frequent chatingan live through your YM distribute this file to your chat friends. If you want to see the results of the script that you have typed before, you just double-click the file. And see the results ... .. hahhahahha sure you can laugh yourself ..

Note: Do not worry when you try this trick crazy notepad. If you want to end this script you can end it by opening Task Manager (Ctrl +Alt + Delete). On the menu you are looking for the file marked "wscript.exe" after the meet on the "wscript" was off the process by clicking end process. if not then get ready to restart your computer..
may be useful

Trojan How it Works

Trojans get into the computer via the two parts, the client and the victim server.When unnoticed running computer, the attacker will

use the client to connect to the server and start using the Trojan.
Trojans can work well on the type of protocol TCP / IP, but someTrojans can also use the UDP protocol properly, when the serverstarts running, the Trojan generally try to hide somewhere in thecomputer system, then start "listening" in some ports to performconnection, modify the registry, or using other methods ie withautostarting method. The important thing is known by the attackerknows the victim IP addresses to connect computers to the victim'scomputer.

Many variants of the Trojan has the ability to send the victim's IP address to the attacker, eg ICQ or IRC.Hal media was used onvictims who have a dynamic IP address, which means every time they connect to the internet to get a different IP address. For userswho make use of Asymmetric Digital Suscriber Line (ADSL),always use a fixed IP address (static) so easily identified and easy to connect to the computer attackers.

     Most of the Trojans use the method auto-starting, yaituTrojan willautomatically komptuer active when first turned on. Although thecomputer is turned off and then turned on again, Trojanmampuworking again and the attacker can regain access to a victim'scomputer.

Understanding Trojan

The term Trojan horse (Trojan Horse) comes from the Greek methodology in time of war troya.In war, army against army greek greek troya.Troops have besieged city of Troy for ten year.But, because the Trojan royal army strong enough, it is difficult for the Greek army to defeat them.

Finnaly, Greek troops make strategy by making a giant horse made of wood.The horse is quite unique, in which there is a cavity, so that it can be filled by forces Yunani.Troops Greek temple - temple retreat, and while providing a giant wooden horse gifts to the kingdom of Troy with the help of a Greek named sinon espionage, trojans towns people convinced to accept the prize is a giant wooden horse and put it into town and in the evening, the Greek troops who had been inside the cavity of the wooden horse came out, then open the gates of the kingdom trojans to enter other Greek troops who had long waited to attack the city Troya.dengan way, the city of trojans can be controlled by the greek.

For those readers who never watched the movie troy .. probably already know about the story on the kingdom's fun .. right?? Those who do not watch the game looking .. .. hehehhee.Has inspired a short story on the hacker to create the "intruders" into the computers of other people who called the former Trojan horse.Trojan is a gift to the kingdom of Troy at this point in the term it has to do with computer security issues that can get pretty serius.Trojan to the computer in several ways and from various sources that are less trusted on the internet or from other people.As with any virus, Trojan number progressively increased .It is because the hacker or Trojan program makers always do experiment to develop.

Trojan does not have an active period as antivirus.artinya update Trojan will always be there and will never run out during yet eradicated.There are many things that were developed by a programmer that programs are not detected by anti virus or Trojan scanner.Programer  always do experiment to create a unique Trojan with functions - new functions with the encryption method that is more good technical.Way Trojans can appear anywhere and anytime , either on any operating system, and a variety of platforms.One indication of computers infected by the Trojan can be described as the following example:By the time the computer is connected to the Internet, for example during chat or at the time and examine the incoming email, hard work within a busy or slow.Whereas, we're not running the application programs that are large or not is to download something that requires hard disk spin long enough, events including the strange events that spy Trojan suspected infiltration.
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