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Understanding Trojan

The term Trojan horse (Trojan Horse) comes from the Greek methodology in time of war troya.In war, army against army greek greek troya.Troops have besieged city of Troy for ten year.But, because the Trojan royal army strong enough, it is difficult for the Greek army to defeat them.

Finnaly, Greek troops make strategy by making a giant horse made of wood.The horse is quite unique, in which there is a cavity, so that it can be filled by forces Yunani.Troops Greek temple - temple retreat, and while providing a giant wooden horse gifts to the kingdom of Troy with the help of a Greek named sinon espionage, trojans towns people convinced to accept the prize is a giant wooden horse and put it into town and in the evening, the Greek troops who had been inside the cavity of the wooden horse came out, then open the gates of the kingdom trojans to enter other Greek troops who had long waited to attack the city Troya.dengan way, the city of trojans can be controlled by the greek.

For those readers who never watched the movie troy .. probably already know about the story on the kingdom's fun .. right?? Those who do not watch the game looking .. .. hehehhee.Has inspired a short story on the hacker to create the "intruders" into the computers of other people who called the former Trojan horse.Trojan is a gift to the kingdom of Troy at this point in the term it has to do with computer security issues that can get pretty serius.Trojan to the computer in several ways and from various sources that are less trusted on the internet or from other people.As with any virus, Trojan number progressively increased .It is because the hacker or Trojan program makers always do experiment to develop.

Trojan does not have an active period as antivirus.artinya update Trojan will always be there and will never run out during yet eradicated.There are many things that were developed by a programmer that programs are not detected by anti virus or Trojan scanner.Programer  always do experiment to create a unique Trojan with functions - new functions with the encryption method that is more good technical.Way Trojans can appear anywhere and anytime , either on any operating system, and a variety of platforms.One indication of computers infected by the Trojan can be described as the following example:By the time the computer is connected to the Internet, for example during chat or at the time and examine the incoming email, hard work within a busy or slow.Whereas, we're not running the application programs that are large or not is to download something that requires hard disk spin long enough, events including the strange events that spy Trojan suspected infiltration.

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