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How to record the appearance of the bios or windows installprocess

There may be among friends who often see the display picturebios, safe mode, the installation process, the process of loading windows, there are some friends who asked about how to capture,or record sreenshot view. If you've logged into windows, then display on the screen can be recorded using printscreen command, but what about the view before logging into Windows,the bios display, and the process of installing windows.

There are several software that can be used, one of which is Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, I have installed this software on windows 7 (runs well), but have not tried in Windows XP.

For the record display or display windows install process DOS, first open the windows and then open the application Microsoft VirtualPC, will open a window (window) the new Virtual PC, click the Start button or Run Virtual PC and then during the boot process in the Virtual PC will then press the delete button page appears bios, setboot from CD, insert the CD (eg CD Windows boot CD, etc.) that can boot to the CD-Drive, then while booting in Virtual PC hit enter, it will appear as when you are installing the software.

For the record, you simply press the printscreen button on your keyboard.
Examples of the view that I recorded using Microsoft Virtual PCcan be found here
record (screenshots) display dos

Make friends who want to try, the trial software can be found atindowebster or microsoft site.

There are several requirements for Microsoft's Virtual PC softwareto function on a computer, ie processor must support Virtualization Technology, if using an Intel processor can be seen here captionIntel Virtualization Technology, if you make use of AMD processorscan be seen testimony in AMD Virtualization Technology

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