Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Tutorial How To Learn C++

Hello All !

This afternoon I was searching about the programming language
I found an interesting thing about programming
I found the shell of Wikipedia

To the point just

Shell is one of the operating system default program that is usefulto bridge the communication between the user and the operating system, file management, etc.

Shell example:
Windows exploler, CMD, COMMAND.COM (in MS-DOS), etc.

After that I accidentally clicked, and out of hello world

Seen the words "Hello world" I was interested to read it

Hello world is a simple program that aims to show the words "Hello World" on the screen. I want to learn to write the word hello, then Itried to match scripnya using language c + + but I do not Copas(Copy Paste) he he

And this is my scrip, whether true or not hahahaha

That need to be investigated if using c + + language is:

- Structure and organizational framework c + + program
- Note Large-small letters, because c + + using the case sensitive (large and small letters different)
- Note the file extension, for the source file c + + is. Cpp
- Note The steps compile c + + program
- Train handler error when compiling

May be useful thanks

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