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Tutorial How To Download Torrent

Yes Share a little about this torrent

Yesterday I want to download the book but why the format torrent er

I wonder why how the format torrent

I searched the internet about torrent.

Now,i know why using torrent

So I wanted to share my knowledge of torrent files

You definitely know the word "torrent". If a new hearing, he answered Hanay one, type C <space> D, becomes Cape 'dech, hahahahaha.

Torrent is actually a file extension of the BitTorrent protocol applications that run on Peer-to-Peer or better known by the term "p2p protocol", to download the torrent as well as downloading via http port, only difference there is on how to download the packet, if the http using a single ports on a single TCP socket and on the specified port (port 80), BitTorrent uses TCP sockets are different and also use a random port on each connection.

Then the most interesting part of BitTorrent is, srouce data or files downloaded not only taken from one source only as http, the current BitTorrent seeder (data suppliers) send a copy to one peer (client) then the other peer does not have to retrieve the data that need to seeder but from another peer that has the data needed, so that the peer did not need to take from the seeder, so-called peer-to-peer file sharing.

How to download TorrentIf you want to download something via torrent you can use a BitTorrent client like uTorre, Azureus or the other,simply download the file. torrent is in want and enter the BitTorrent Client application before the download process will be done by the BitTorrent Client, you can see the statistics of large data files, the number of peers, the number of seeders and others.

Slow when downloading??

If you find it slow to download via BitTorrent, you are wrong, statistics from an ISP shows bawhwa BitTorrent uses about 18% of the total Internet traffic on a broadband connection in 2004, the number is quite high.

Possibilities that occur when you download via BitTorrent is a little slow peers / seeders, many peers but no seeder amount to 5% the number of peers, you are behind a firewall (in the sense that you have a firewall blocking p2p traffic data), or also the port that you use for BitTorrent closed. 

Usually if we are in the office or cafe mostly happens is that the closed ports for BitTorrent applications because we are in NAT.

In order to open ports for BitTorrent (officialy :6881-6889 port) then we do pelu `` Port-Forwarding to port to the computer that we use to download BitTorrent open.

So that I can give, if there is wrong, please corrections.


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