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Art Clokey's 90th Birthday

Art Clokey's 90th Birthday - Google commemorating the anniversary of the Art Clokey-90, an artist who became a pioneerU.S. animation with clay. What is unique this time of the Googledoodles, you can see the clay animation by clicking the box nextfive colored balls lettered G, so it will appear as animatedcharacters and 5 below.

 Arthur "Art" Clokey (October 12, 1921-8 January 2010) began his work in 1955, when it Clokey try to do the experiment of making ananimated film titled Gumbasia, with the direction of Prof.. SlavkoVorkapich, of the University of Southern California South.

Art Clokey and Ruth Clokey wife later found the character Gumby.Since then Gumbi and his horse named Pokey became verypopular and awaited his presence on American television to be present in a TV series titled Howdy Doody Show and TheAdventures of Gumby.

Character Gumby and his friends in the early '80s and performedby actor Eddy Murphy parodied in a sketch on Saturday Night Live.First widescreen film of his own character Gumby newly created in 1990 with the title of Gumby: The Movie.

Apart from being the creator of Gumby and pioneer character of the world stop motion clay animation, Clokey is also known for his great work through the series Davey and Goliath in a series fundedby the United Church Lutherian.

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